Together in Spirit

Faith Formation Grades 7 & 8

Faith Formation Grades 7-10

Please contact Gizzy Miko at (651) 784-3015 ext. 107 or email

Our school year length programs are active, high energy, fun programs which have three components; faith formation, building community, and serving. Using a combination of large group and small group activities and discussions, teens get to know other church members, learn together and share in building faith. Each grade focuses on a different component of our faith through formative videos, discussion, and activities. Faith formation also gives teens the opportunity to try our various liturgical ministries for Sunday Masses including ushering, hospitality, lectoring and Eucharistic ministering. 

The breakdown of content for each grade is as follows:

Grade 7 - Alpha Youth Program

Alpha Youth is a program used for young people to explore the basics of the Christian faith and allows teens to ask themselves the tough questions like "Does God really exist?" "Where did the Bible come from?" and "Is there more to life than this?"

Liturgy Participation Opportunities for Grade 7: Altar Serving, Hospitality or Ushering

Grade 8 - The Bible and Liturgy

8th Grade Students will use the Teen Timeline Bible series to help them understand the big picture of Scripture. This series helps them see how the Bible relates to their own lives, and also helps them make sense of the many seemingly obscure or confusing parts of the Bible. They take a closer look at the Mass to understand the deeper meaning behind why we do what we do during Church.

Liturgy Participation Opportunities for Grade 8:  Lectoring, Hospitality or Ushering 


2019-2020 7th & 8th Grade Schedule

October 2 - Faith Formation                Kick-Off event

January 15
October 9 January 22 - No Session
October 16 - No Session January 29
October 23 February 5 - FMSC Trip
October 20 February 12
November 6 February 15 - Sunday 7th & 8th Grade Retreat from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
November 13 February 19 - No Session
November 20 February 26 - Ash Wednesday Mass
November 27 - No Session March 4
December 4 March 11 - No Session
December 11 March 18
December 18 March 25
December 25 - No Session April 1 - Last Session
January 1 - No Session April 4 - Saturday Lifeline Event for 8th Grade 
January 8 - No Session April 18/19 - Medal Mass