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From the Desk of Fr. Mike

From the Desk of Fr. Mike

Back on November 1

Posted by Anne Serwe on 10/30/17

It has been a couple weeks since you heard from me. I am recovering well from my revision surgery. The actual pain in my knee was gone immediately after the surgery was done. It seems that there is a plate located under the kneecap that is attached to the bone by ... Read More »

2017 Summer Festival Results Are In!

Posted by Anne Serwe on 10/02/17

The Festival Committee is pleased to share with you the financial results for the 2017 Summer Festival. Net profits for this year's Festival exceeded $102,000. Congratulations to all!! This is a new record and a major milestone! Proceeds from the Festival go directly into St. Joe's operating budget - ... Read More »

Vision Building for St. Joe's

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/25/17

Last Spring the Pastoral Council worked on producing a vision statement that would give guidance over the next several years. They consulted staff members and volunteers as they formulated a statement that starts by saying: “In fifteen years Saint Joseph of the Lakes will….”  This was work that I ... Read More »

Fr. Mike's Knee Surgery Set

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/19/17

On September 11, we received the permission necessary to sell our parish house so that we can proceed to build the new one. Do not be surprised when you see a "for sale" sign posted in the front yard. As I am preparing for my September 26 surgery I am realizing that ... Read More »

The Kneecap Needs Replacement

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/11/17

Several weeks ago while walking up the stairs of my house I felt something move in my right knee. It did not hurt; it just reminded me of the first time I damaged my knee replacement. That time was the Good Friday after I had my right knee replaced and I felt ... Read More »

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/05/17

Archbishop Bernard Hebda is asking all parishes of the Archdiocese to join with Catholics around the county to take up a second collection on the weekend of September 9 & 10 for Hurricane Harvey Emergency Relief.

The funds given to this collection will support the humanitarian and recovery efforts ... Read More »

The Eclipse & Belonging to one Nation

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/28/17

The ECLIPSE, the ECLIPSE! Man, that story got old by the minute on Monday morning. I was so glad that our sky turned too cloudy to see the sun so that I was exonerated from having to go outside to see IT. I think it was a great distraction from our national ... Read More »

Our Parish Festival - A Wonderful Moment in Time

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/21/17

Ya done good kid! ...Ya done good! Our parish festival was a wonderful moment in time. The Blessed Mother did her part and the rains were held to a bare minimum. The cool air did not seem to affect the beer sales and I loved seeing all the smiling ... Read More »

Festival Celebration

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/14/17

Welcome to everyone who is visiting us this weekend as we celebrate our festival. There are all sorts of volunteers who want to make your day with us a celebration not only of our parish community, but also of our place within the Lino Lakes community. As I visit ... Read More »

A Welcoming Community

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/07/17

I returned from my vacation late Saturday night so I decided to visit a neighboring parish for Sunday Mass. Unlike you, this is a rare occasion for me, since I belong here to pastor you.  It was an enlightening experience that allowed me to treasure our parish even more. ... Read More »


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