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From the Desk of Fr. Mike

From the Desk of Fr. Mike

Great Hope in the Midst of Darkness

Posted by Anne Serwe on 11/04/18

We have entered into the season of the dead. This past week we celebrated both All Saints day and All Souls’ Day. Our scriptures in the last weeks of the church year will be reflecting the end of time and the final judgement. The physical darkness of the onrushing ... Read More »

Driven by Faith

Posted by Anne Serwe on 10/29/18

In several stories of Jesus’ life, he heals blind men. Today’s story of Bartimaeus is rather straight forward. Bartimaeus knows that Jesus can heal him, so as he becomes aware that Jesus is near he begins calling out to him: “Son of David have pity on me”. Jesus summons ... Read More »

Meet People Where They Are

Posted by Anne Serwe on 10/08/18

I received an anonymous note in such a manner that the writer would not even spend money on a postage stamp. The note was basically an article cut out of a paper in which the writer (Fr. Michael Miller) answers the question “ when does Mass begin and end”. ... Read More »

Celebrate Diversity with the Roman Catholic Church

Posted by Anne Serwe on 10/01/18

I am probably going to be read as a heretic by a few as they read this but the scandal of Christian separation weighs heavily upon me. The Protestant reforms of Christianity begin with the Roman Catholic Church not serving her members very well. The arrogance of the hierarchy ... Read More »

A Servant to the Least of Us

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/24/18

I have been very blessed in my journey of priesthood. My first assignment as a pastor was at Holy Name in South Minneapolis. It was a small failing community with a school that could not be sustained. The neighborhood was changing and although there was a faithful group of ... Read More »

Ready to be Home

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/17/18

According to several sources the new rectory should be ready for me to move into during the last week of September. I am not sure of the moving day yet, it is being worked out, but hopefully by the first weekend of October I will be residing at 141 ... Read More »

A Long Learning Curve

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/10/18

I do not doubt the accusations of Archbishop Viganò saying that Pope Francis knew about the background of Cardinal McCarrick, the former archbishop of Washington DC. However I am not stunned by the accusation nor would I push for Pope Francis’ resignation. We have been watching Pope Francis grow ... Read More »

Faith is Action

Posted by Anne Serwe on 9/04/18

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” James 1:17

The apostle James will tell us that we need to be doers of the Word and not just ... Read More »

The Broken Church

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/27/18

I have little energy left to become angry at the report of the Pennsylvania grand jury about clergy sexual abuse; all that is left is sorrow. I read the Pope’s letter to us concerning sexual abuse in the Church and found little solace in it. There are so many ... Read More »

Another Great Festival Weekend!

Posted by Anne Serwe on 8/21/18

Today we welcome Sr. Rose Vu as our annual mission speaker. She will be raising money to support the work of the Church in Vietnam. In an email I received from Paul Lillyblad (one of our parish trustees) he said, “Festival weekend was another awesome experience for our parish. Excellent ... Read More »


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