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From the Desk of Fr. Mike

From the Desk of Fr. Mike

Pastoral Conversion

Posted by Anne Serwe on 3/20/17

This past Monday Pope Francis celebrated his 4th anniversary as Pope. Many are calling his reforms a “pastoral conversion”. The idea is that when the Church, not just its clergy, but all of its “missionary disciples” learn how to be pastors to humanity as Jesus was, then the churches will ... Read More »

Who sits in Judgement?

Posted by Anne Serwe on 3/13/17

Last week I went to the movie “The Shack”.  It was pretty true to the book that had been published in 2007.  For me it captures perfectly the crucial issue concerning our salvation.  In a central scene, the main character is asked to sit upon a throne of judgement ... Read More »

This Season of Reflection

Posted by Anne Serwe on 3/06/17

Last Wednesday, on Ash Wednesday, we entered the season of preparation for Easter, which we call Lent. As Advent is meant to be a preparation time for Christmas so Lent is meant to help us focus more clearly on the most magnificent Church season of her calendar year.  On ... Read More »

Acting out of the Goodness of God

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/21/17

While I was growing up, my family lived four blocks away from our parish church. We often would walk to church since it seemed more convenient than getting into the car and driving over to the full parking lot and struggling to find a place to put the car. ... Read More »

The Difficulty in Renewing the Church

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/13/17

Over the past several weeks there has been a major controversy stirring between the Knights of Malta and Pope Francis. It began with the grand master firing the third-in-charge (the chancellor) of the Order because there had been a moment when the Knights were distributing condoms to people in ... Read More »

Looking to our Future

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/06/17

The worst of begging for money is coming in the next few weeks. I promise that once we get past the middle of March you will not hear much about giving from me for a while. Hopefully by that time we will also be caught up with our "Invest ... Read More »

A Few News Items

Posted by Anne Serwe on 2/02/17

On Tuesday evening, January 17, the Finance Commission met and with great discussion recommended to me that we move ahead with the ordering of the new sound and AV systems. We have collected over $122,000 as I write this so we are over 80% to our goal. They did ... Read More »

God is Here!

Posted by Anne Serwe on 1/23/17

From that time on, Jesus began to preach and say, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." From Sunday's Gospel.

For the longest time I would read this Gospel message and think that it meant I had to change from my "sinful" ways to become more perfect ... Read More »

An Important Visit

Posted by Anne Serwe on 1/18/17

Last week several former inmates of Lino Lakes came to the 10:00 am Mass to catch up with some of the members of the prison ministry. It was good to see them in a fraternal group with Deacon Clarence Shallbetter accompanying them. I did not get as much of ... Read More »

Lets Meet People Where They Are

Posted by Anne Serwe on 1/09/17

Holy Mother Church is going through a very interesting time within the core leadership. Pope Francis has been calling for the church's pastors to be more connected to the people of the Church and less intent on the letter of the law. When you start connecting with people you ... Read More »


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