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Visiting Mission Priest the weekend of July 20 & 21

Jul 15, 2019

Fr. Leon Martin from the Society of the Catholic Apostolate or as they are known, Pallottines, is presiding here at St. Joe’s next weekend—July 20 & 21.

Pallottines is a religious community of over 2300 members spread over several countries in the five continents. It was founded in Rome in 1835 by St. Vincent Pallotti. He is considered the pioneer in championing the role of the Laity in the mission of the Church. He is recognized as having profoundly influenced teaching of Vatican II on Laity. The motto of the Society is: “make everyone a Catholic, every Catholic a good Catholic, and every good Catholic an Apostle”. He always reminded people that they are called to be apostles no matter where they are and what they do.

In India and Zambia, Africa, besides carrying out his vision by inspiring laity to take active roles in the church, we run several mission stations aimed at catering to the needs of the poor and the underprivileged helping them with the basic necessities of life. We run orphanages for poor boys and girls, run educational institutions, dispensaries and other charitable works along with the proclaiming of the Gospel and faith formation. We undertake many social work programs directly aimed at helping the poor and needy and empowering women. In the traditional Catholic areas we concentrate on re-evangelization and the training of the laity to become active apostles. And we have several seminarians being trained for priesthood and brotherhood.

We are happy to share the fact that our mission is growing and expanding in India as well as in Zambia. We look forward to you help and support to continue our work.

Wishing your parishioners and community all the best and God’s Blessings from the Pallottines!


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