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Vision Building for St. Joe's

Sep 25, 2017

Last Spring the Pastoral Council worked on producing a vision statement that would give guidance over the next several years. They consulted staff members and volunteers as they formulated a statement that starts by saying: “In fifteen years Saint Joseph of the Lakes will….”  This was work that I requested that they do so that we as a parish would have a statement to react to in these next several months. There is nothing in concrete in this vision statement yet. In October, November and December we will be hosting a series of listening sessions in which the vision statement will be presented and then reacted to. The most important questions at each session will be: “what is missing from the statement?”; “what should not be in the statement?” “Is there anything else to add?” 

During this listening time the Pastoral Council will suspend its regular meetings and update its constitution. They will resume meeting in the beginning of February and will receive the work of the listening sessions which reflects the parish consultation. The vision statement as such is an impractical set of hopes and dreams for the parish. The Council will take them and shape a very practical strategy to make sure we move toward their fulfillment. The Pastoral Council’s task from that point on is to build pathways that will help us to achieve the vision of the parish.

As we organize this vision building experience, if you want to make sure your voice is heard, please contact either Amy or Ryan at the parish office to let us know your interest. These two will be making contact with many of you to put together these sessions which will be happening primarily in November and December. I look forward to being recovered from my surgery and being fully involved in this process. 



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