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Updates on Knees & Parish Rectory

Dec 12, 2017

I am getting caught between feeling better and still being limited. I enjoyed joining the 8:30 Mass community last Sunday, but after standing for the opening prayers of the Mass I had to sit through the rest of the Mass. My right knee and muscles in my leg were aching pretty badly. It was wonderful to receive communion with everyone, but the walk to the communion station was a little longer than I was ready for. I am sure next week I will be stronger than this past week, though I am pretty sure that I am on the right schedule to anticipate saying Mass with you on Christmas Day and forward from there.

As my right knee recovers my left knee begins to ache more. I had been seeing a doctor for my left knee before I had messed up the right one. My doctor has already agreed that he will do surgery to revise my left knee, but I am in a quandary about when I should do this since I have been gone for so long already. My goal when all is said and done, is to be able to walk to work and back to my new home. However, right now with the condition of my left knee, I will not be able to accomplish this. My knee locks up after about a half a block of walking. After my infection and all, I am not sure what the doctor is willing to do. I will see him later this week and then I can begin making a plan.

It is frustrating to not be available and yet to be present as best as I am able. I attended the closing for the parish house last Friday. It was sold for approximately $262,000. With closing costs we netted $242,000 which is going into the “new rectory” bank account to be ready to be used once we break ground. We were also given another gift that brought our total for the new house to $250,000. The City Council gave us the conditional use permit, so once the frost goes out of the ground (I know it has to get there first) then the building of the new rectory will commence.

THANK YOU for the prayers directed toward my healing.


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