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Time for a Health Update

Nov 27, 2017

One of the great risks I face every time I have surgery or even dental procedures is that I am prone to developing an infection in my artificial joints. When I go to the dentist I take anti-biotics an hour before my teeth are cleaned. The recovery from my right knee revision was going along beautifully. You celebrated Mass with me a couple of weeks ago and my pain in the right leg was gone. I thought the operation was quite successful. However, a week before I said Mass with you I noticed that I was losing my appetite, I started getting the chills for no good reason, and I began running a temperature of 102 to 103 and that went on for two days. On Saturday, November 11th I went to Urgent Care where they decided I needed to be in the hospital NOW.

It was determined that I had a bacterial infection. The bacteria entered my body through the bladder but then discovered a very nurturing area in my right knee. It was growing. My Osteopath decided that he needed to remove my right knee and cleanse the entire area to disinfect the area. Post surgery they  began an antibiotic regime that will go on for the next six weeks to attack the bacteria colony growing in me. I was a very sick person at that point.

As I woke from surgery on Sunday I realized that I had lost all function of my right leg, and would need a walker to be mobile at all. So far the infection seems to be under control and I am getting therapy instruction from therapists who come to my apartment. I am getting stronger, though I am not free from the walker yet. I am afraid that my goal to be back has been pushed perhaps to Christmas Day. I will be talking with staff and others through the weeks to come, but I will not be driving or in the office over the next couple of weeks. My hope of impressing myself and you have been humbled quite a bit by this set back. Keep me in your prayers as I shall continue to do so for you!


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