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The Season to Grow Closer to the Father

Feb 20, 2018

As we enter into this Lenten season some of us have already “blown it” by eating meat on Ash Wednesday or last Friday. Some started Lent with a new discipline like not eating candy only to find themselves with a hand full of M&Ms two days later. This is not a self-improvement season; rather it is a season to lead us to our knees to ask Jesus to be our savior because we realizing that left to our own devices we are just not going to get better.

If or when you fall do not despair or condemn yourself. We have been created with certain brokenness to lead us to God. If you are successful; praise God for giving you that strength and ability. Do not give up on your Lenten discipline, go back to it the next moment after you fail but say a little prayer:” Jesus be my Savior.” If you are afraid of failing so you choose not to do anything for Lent, pray for God to give you the Holy Spirit. His Spirit may lead you more deeply into the real sense of the Season, to grow more closely with our Father who loves us.


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