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The Kneecap Needs Replacement

Sep 11, 2017

Several weeks ago while walking up the stairs of my house I felt something move in my right knee. It did not hurt; it just reminded me of the first time I damaged my knee replacement. That time was the Good Friday after I had my right knee replaced and I felt that I should kneel down at least as we reflected on our crucified Lord. Something moved then in the knee. It took five years for me to realize what was the spacer that was supposed to stay glued to the middle of my kneecap. One day as it got harder and harder for me to bend my right leg I felt a snap in the knee. As the day wore on the pain in my knee grew intense. I went to urgent care where an x-ray revealed that the spacer was now located mid-thigh (way out of place). I had surgery two days later to put the spacer back where it belonged.

Well, walking up the steps was enough action to once again move the spacer out of place. I had an appointment with Dr. Daly to talk about the problems of my left knee, so I kept the appointment but changed the subject of the visit. He had me raise my right leg and we watched the kneecap move way to the right and as I lowered my leg it released and shot back into place. The x-rays taken that day showed that the spacer under my right kneecap had moved out of place. With a CT-scan to confirm this, it was determined that I needed patella revision surgery.  

In arranging the date of the surgery I discovered that I would be in the hospital for a couple of days. My recovery will keep me out of work for up to six weeks. My surgery is scheduled for September 26.  

In the next few weeks there will be many details to work out (such as who will be saying Masses when I am not present), and I am not terribly certain where I will be living early in my recovery. As these get worked out I will let you know.  I think you will not see me for the first two weeks of October, but depending on how I progress I hope to see you in mid-October.  

Please keep Dr. Daly and myself in your prayers as we get ready for September 26.


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