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Thank You from Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica

Mar 28, 2017

Dear Fr. Mike,

On behalf of missionaries throughout the world, I want to sincerely thank you and your parish family for the most generous response made to my appeal for assistance. As you know, your parish collected $17,000.00!

You can’t imagine how much we appreciate your support and care. This gift helps to evangelize those who have not come to know the Lord, provides for some of the basic needs of our poor, educates the young, houses the destitute elderly in a dignified way and puts a roof over the heads of families without a home.

Your parish family has blessed the poor with some of what they deserve as God’s children; I am confident that the good Lord will bless you and your parishioners for this most generous sacrifice. Truly, “...the Lord hears the cry of the poor” and has touched the hearts of your parishioners as they have so generously responded in the Lord’s name.

Be assured of a continued remembrance in our prayers.

Fraternally yours in Christ,

Reverend Gary F. Wiesmann

Director of Mission Awareness

Diocese of Mandeville, Jamaica



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