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Thank You for the Warm Welcome Back

Jan 29, 2018

I am pushing myself too hard; I can tell because twice now in the last week my right knee has “buckled” on me. The first time was at the grocery store and I was able to catch myself on the counter only to be asked by the clerk if I was ok. The second time was Monday night as I walked into my bedroom and it caved in again. This time I had nothing to hold on to and landed first on my right knee then the rest of me followed.

I think I have to keep a cane closer to me for a while as I recover my strength in the leg (and keep doing my therapy exercises with greater frequency). So if I am still a little slow; do understand I am not back at my best and still have a ways to go.

I am enjoying being back however. I am so thrilled with your greetings to me welcoming me back. I did know you were praying for me and that you missed me, but it is nice to hear the warm greetings welcoming me at Mass. 



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