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Thank You and God's blessings for your New Year!

Dec 30, 2016

My goodness! You have been so kind and generous to me over this holiday season, as I keep telling my brother priests that I am still on my honeymoon with you. Every season keeps getting better and richer as I continue to grow into the family of Saint Joe's parish! Thank you for the rich blessings you pour on me as your pastor. The Christmas Masses were powerful expressions of the Incarnation and the great mystery of God who is with us. Thanks for those who decorated our beautiful Church. The new creche scene was a dynamic presence in the church. I want to thank the liturgy committee that did the work of locating it and the Knights of Columbus for undertaking the fundraising to make it possible for this year. Their major was of raising the money necessary to purchase the figures was through the sales of their calendars. Thanks to all who bought their calendars since you provided funding for this great gift to the church building.

Thanks to the choir members who worked so hard on giving us beautiful music within our liturgy. Also, thanks to our servers who add much to the altar presence with their attentiveness and service. I am always grateful for the wonderful readers who serve us so well as they proclaim the Word to us. Hopefully we will have collected enough in the Invest In Our Future campaign that we will be able to assist them in an even greater way to make the Lord's words known to us.

Happy New Year! May God's great blessings provide for you in the coming year so that you may continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of His presence in your life.


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