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Take Time to Slow Down

Jun 3, 2019

A few years ago I began to confront the manic interiority that I was raised in. Growing up I was always be busy doing something. If I had a break in the action, my mother or father would find something for me to do. This led to a certain need in my adulthood to be busy even during break times. In my prayer I kept busy with reading scriptures and psalms and other spiritual authors. In my “free-time” I kept busy doing errands or exercising. It was very difficult just to sit back and watch the world pass by.

As I understand it, our young people today are even more driven than I was. In faith formation one of the more favorite activities is participating in centering prayer. It consists of quieting one’s mind and allowing oneself to sit in the silence. I think our students enjoy it so much because it is one of the moments in their active lives where they are encouraged to slow down.

When I moved in to St. Joe’s and there was that wonderful backyard and porch inviting me to confront those manic tendencies. While sitting there I would watch the frolicking of the squirrels and the activities of the other wildlife. It was God’s creation that finally helped me slow down to enjoy what God had created.

As we enter into this summer season I hope you allow yourself some time to let God reveal himself in what He has created for you.


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