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Ready to be Home

Sep 17, 2018

According to several sources the new rectory should be ready for me to move into during the last week of September. I am not sure of the moving day yet, it is being worked out, but hopefully by the first weekend of October I will be residing at 141 Elm Street. I want to thank Don Trudeau for managing this project along with all of the other intermittent volunteers who helped paint and stain and other assorted stuff that helped make the rectory happen. I also want the thank Cheri Brausen and Amy Moore who I asked to be the “deciders” of all things related to the house. It would have driven me nuts to have made all the decisions about colors and lights and flooring and everything else.

I am not necessarily excited about this move, I am more anxious about the moving day. Once I am settled in I will then become excited about the new house. I am planning on having an open house once I have moved in so that you will all get a chance to see it as a real residence and not just the stages of construction. I have to get past my anxieties about the move before I am ready to plan out a date.

It will be an entire year that I have lived at Cardigan Ridge, and I will tell you I have missed sitting on the deck and watching the wildlife. Cardigan Ridge has been a very good place to live; their staff is wonderful and they really work on building community among the residents. I have enjoyed my time there, but I will be happy to be back home.  


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