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Our Parish Festival - A Wonderful Moment in Time

Aug 21, 2017

Ya done good kid! ...Ya done good! Our parish festival was a wonderful moment in time. The Blessed Mother did her part and the rains were held to a bare minimum. The cool air did not seem to affect the beer sales and I loved seeing all the smiling faces. Over and over again I am blown away by the musical talent of our parish community. Java Soul and the Saints of Swing could be playing professionally anywhere, but here they are giving us the best in music! I was amazed at the swift efficiency of the workers at the chicken dinner. I couldn’t even set my tray down before there was someone there to pick it up and keep everything cleared. The food was delicious wherever I tried it. How impressive to see all the volunteers doing their part to make this one of the best festivals in the Twin Cities (I do not know that for a fact, but I am pretty sure we are).

I want to give a special thank you to Chris and Brian Sauter and all of their festival committee members who gave us the silent auction; the great raffle with 80 different prizes; (We started pulling names at near 5:00 and did not get done until 6:00).  The wine toss; the kids’ games; the hammerschlagen; bingo and food. I am always impressed with those who show up early to set up and those who stick around at the end to pick it all up.  Thank you to all of you who make the festival happen and thank you to all of you who took part in it (it would not be a festival without the people attending). 

Now everyone will take a deep breath before we join together again for the next of many celebrations throughout the year!



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