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Mortgage Payoff - Let's Celebrate!

Apr 4, 2019

After 22 years of ups and downs we are coming to the end of the mortgage for the church project. As of April we will owe the bank $16,288.00. We will make our regular payment of $10,000 so that in May we will owe $6,288 and then we will pay that off.  It is time for us to celebrate a great work that has been carried out by so many of you over these many years. On Sunday May 5 we will have a mortgage burning ceremony in between the two Sunday Masses. We are still putting together what that event will look like but I think it is a milestone to be celebrated.  I want to thank you for your generosity for making this possible.

At the same time I want to remind you that we borrowed $411,000.00 from US bank last Fall in order to pay for the new parking lot ($365,850); the lighting project in the church ($30,000) and the remainder gap-the amount over the money we had from the sale of the old rectory- for the building of the rectory ($15,000).  My hope is that you will remain committed to your giving for the building as well as regular contributions so that we can settle this debt as quickly as possible.  Once we have paid off the mortgage of the church we will shift over the $10,000.00 payment each month to address the newer debt. Let’s pat ourselves on the back for what we have accomplished even as we look ahead to what needs to be addressed in our future. Great job everyone!



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