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It was a Wonderful Easter Celebration!

Apr 9, 2018

We had such a wonderful Easter! At each of the triduum liturgies I was overwhelmed with the talent that was being shared by our choir. Our readers did their best as they read the seven major readings for Easter Saturday. This year with a master of ceremonies assisting at our Masses our servers did a great job of supporting us as we worshipped together. The great thing for me was that I could pay more attention to you as you came and left instead of having to answer the many questions that arise before the big liturgies. It was wonderful to baptize four adults and then to accept four more adults into the Church and to complete that action by confirming all eight of them.

Thank you to everyone who helped create such marvelous moments. I especially want to thank our choir for all the time they put in to practicing weeks before Easter. I truly appreciate your commitment to our parish community. I want to thank our decorators who make our church so beautiful. I cannot imagine the amount of time they put in to get ready to decorate and then the moment comes where they transform our church building not once but several times in that one week.

Happy Easter! May God’s profound presence become more present to you in this Easter season.


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