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It's about the Commute

Jan 22, 2018

Last week I caught myself being really whiney. It became apparent to me on Friday when I did not really have enough time to drive home, then come back again for a wedding rehearsal. I do not think I would have become so aware of being “whiney”, except that one of the wedding coordinators (Andi Million) was in the same position as me and she was willingly there to serve the wedding couple and their families. On the next day she was there putting in as much time as I was, and again, there was no complaint from her, but if you were around me you would have heard me complaining about having to stick around for baptisms at 6:15 pm.

I am not used to being a commuter but I am beginning to learn. If I complain too much it is ok to tell me to grow up. I know that in a short time the work will begin on my new home and I will be back on campus. I have so many privileges being here as your pastor that I have no right to complain of an inconvenience. It actually is helping me understand what most of you do everyday. It is pretty impressive to me what you commuters have to go through everyday.


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