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Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Apr 23, 2019

Congratulations to our newly baptized and confirmed members! I am so grateful that you listened to the Holy Spirit and turned towards this body of Christ. My hope is that you will continue to be open to that same Holy Spirit so that your growth as a member of this body continues to increase. Baptism and Confirmation is not the end of the Christian journey, but in fact it is the beginning. This is the same message I want to pass on to those who will be confirmed next Tuesday evening at the cathedral. You are not graduating from church, instead you are being invited into a deeper relationship with Jesus and his Church.

I want to thank all who made this Holy Week a wonderful prayer time. In particular our musicians and choir, and those who decorated the building several different times this past week. I also want to thank all of you for your attendance during our Easter celebrations. There is something wonderful about a full church building as we celebrate these highest holidays.

If this was your first visit to Saint Joe’s welcome! You are always welcome here. If you’re an occasional participant I am so glad you’re here today! May God’s blessing be with you throughout this Easter season.


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