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God's Love for Us

Jul 1, 2019

Harley and Carlotta Flor told me that last Sunday was their 68th wedding anniversary. In making an announcement to the community about this wonderful event I transposed the numbers and told everyone that it was their 86 wedding anniversary. Deacon Tom leaned into me and said that he did not know anyone who had been married that long and it was not until Mass was ended and another parishioner corrected me that I understood what Deacon Tom was trying to say to me. 

As Harley added in his announcement to me that “they have been married a long time!” and yes; that is wonderfully the case. As a sacramental Church we believe that God makes His presence known through physical realities. On the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ last Sunday we celebrated the actual bread and wine that become Christ for us during the Mass. In the same way through every man and woman married sacramentally we encounter the physical reality of God’s love for each of us and for His Church. Through their good times and bad; sickness and health as they remain faithful to each other they are telling us of the steady fidelity of God’s love for us. 

Congratulations Carlotta and Harley on you 68th wedding anniversary, and thank you to all of you married couples for making God’s love real for us.



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