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Gaining in Experience

Nov 14, 2017

Over the last weekend I appreciated the warm greetings from you on my return. There were several who commented on how it is “hell” to get old. I responded to one person by saying that I really am enjoying getting older. They looked at me strangely but I explained that I loved the realization of the wisdom that I have grown into. Yes there are aches and pains and limits that are developing as I age, but these seem to be nothing compared to actually being able to think through the many issues and challenges that are presented to me on a daily basis.

I have learned what a gift time can be, not because I can get more done, but I have witnessed its healing work with those who are grieving. I was taught to be busy most of the time; (Idle hands are the devil’s playground) but have discovered that the quiet “in-between” moments tend to allow me to appreciate the world around me. I have learned that I do not have all the answers and when someone else has a better one; to give in towards that revealed wisdom.

I have gained so much just by living through experiences as opposed to trying to control and predict what the outcomes should be. I have discovered that pain is not to be avoided at all costs, but sometimes it brings about some very noble results. We hear in the first reading this weekend that Wisdom comes to those who seek her, she wants to be known. As I grow closer to her myself I have come to appreciate her invitation, as it says in the reading: “Those who wait for her at dawn will not be disappointed”.



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