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Fr. Mike's Knee Surgery Set

Sep 19, 2017

On September 11, we received the permission necessary to sell our parish house so that we can proceed to build the new one. Do not be surprised when you see a "for sale" sign posted in the front yard. As I am preparing for my September 26 surgery I am realizing that I cannot return back to the parish house. The stairs are too steep and narrow for me as is, and with a recovering leg they will be even more dangerous for me. So I am moving a couple of days before my surgery.

There is a new senior housing development on Rice Street and southeast of 694. It is called Cardigan Ridge. It is a senior living, assisted living and memory care facility all at the same place. I will be moving to a one room apartment that has a full kitchen. Thankfully, the facility also has a dining area with restaurant style serving so that first week back from the hospital I can use on this for my meals instead of trying to stand and cook. Cardigan Ridge encourage the residents to socialize with each other, so who knows, maybe my cribbage playing might improve.  

As I recover and can come back to my home with you I will commute each day. This is the first time in my professional life I have had to do this. Even as we start selling the house we will move ahead with the groundbreaking of the new rectory and hopefully I will stop commuting sooner rather than later as I move into the new rectory. There are busy days ahead, but they shall be fruitful!



  • Terri HouckPosted on 9/22/17

    Fr. Mike, I got on the site to thank you for your sermons. We usually go to 8:30 Mass, but when I hear your sermons, I have faith once again in the Catholic church. I've dealt with doubt, not in God or my beliefs, but in Catholicism, wondering if I am truly Catholic. You seem to see through all the things that don't matter, and get to the heart of the church and the truth of what Jesus is saying. At least in my opinion. I hear myself saying yes, that is so true, and thank you for pointing that out, and he gets it, as I listen to you. So thank you. I truly believe you are in God's graces.
    I'll pray for you. May your surgery go smoothly, and if you need an extra set of hands to move just let me know. sincerely, Terri Houck parishioner (between May-Oct.)



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