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Festival Celebration

Aug 14, 2017

Welcome to everyone who is visiting us this weekend as we celebrate our festival. There are all sorts of volunteers who want to make your day with us a celebration not only of our parish community, but also of our place within the Lino Lakes community. As I visit different activities and businesses in the local area, I am pleasantly surprised time after time to meet members of the Saint Joseph community sharing their time and talents as they are making a difference in the lives of others. 

This weekend we draw ourselves together here on the festival grounds to celebrate our growth; our history; our diversity and our unity in the Holy Spirit. This celebration has been going on for over 100 years with a few breaks. In 1961 Fr. Don Schnitzius (the new pastor) thought it was too much work for the profit it would produce so he announced that they would not have the festival and instead asked all parishioners to give more in the weekly collection. It was a bad idea and although he chided the parishioners over the next several weeks they posted a loss in their income that year. The very next year the festival came back with a roar! Not only does the festival unite our parish; it opens our doors to our many neighbors who come to enjoy our chicken dinner, our pig roast, our many kinds of snack foods as well as the great music and gambling opportunities. This is a family fun way to enjoy the weekend. The festival unites us and has produced a good income that helps us keep our buildings up and run programs that serve both us and the broader community. 

I am so glad that you have chosen to share this weekend with us! Have a great time and perhaps you may win one of those great raffle prizes. (I know that the person who wins the lawn mower will be the one who just sold their home and is moving into a townhouse…it just happens that way). Thanks for joining us this day!!!



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