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Eucharist is a Gift

Jun 26, 2019

The Eucharist is such an amazing gift to us. It is Jesus’ way of being with us always. It is such a simple gift; bread transformed into his body; wine become his blood. At the same time it is beyond human comprehension to understand how the God who created the universe can become something so simple, but it is on the word of Jesus that we have come to believe. He told us at the last supper and St. Paul and St. Peter both remind us of his telling that in fact this bread and wine are his body and blood.

We have to understand that the God who created the universe is in fact a part of every part of his creation. There is no created element that is entirely separated from it’s creator. In this relationship the creator can so designate any part as something that is especially a part of himself. This is what Jesus does in that final meal with his apostles. Two years earlier Jesus told them and others that if one ate his body and drank his blood they would have eternal life. They did not understand then, but finally at the last supper he reveals to them that this bread and wine are that great gift of everlasting life.

Today we celebrate that great gift in a specific way even though we receive his body and blood every time we celebrate Mass. It is a pause the Church invites us to take to contemplate the great gift we receive so that we might appreciate more fully what he has done for us.


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