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Celebrate Father's Day!

Jun 18, 2018

Today we celebrate my 35 years of ministry. My real anniversary was on May 28th which was Memorial Day weekend. Today also is Father’s Day and the Knights of Columbus will be offering all of us ice cream sundaes. As I reflect on the gift of my ordination I am amazed at the number of people I have encountered throughout the years and the number of wonderful events I have been able to participate in. Before I was ordained I had no idea that this was the role of a priest within the community. Originally I thought that the priest would spend much of his time in prayer and every now and again would emerge to encounter the faithful. I have discovered over these many years that I spend much of my time with the faithful and I have to find time to be in prayer. I really like it that way. I take advantage of my quieter times in prayerful presence with God, but I really enjoy my interactions with people.

I still struggle with the idea of being “set apart” for the sake of the community. I like to think of myself as just one of the guys and yet every time there is a major event in some one else’s life that calls for recognition (baptism, wedding, funeral) I am the center actor to do that recognition. Each time I do these moments I am reminded that I am set apart for the rest of the community. It has been a gift to me to be part of so many different events in people’s lives. I look forward to the next several years in which I can continue this service to you. Thank you for your support, prayers, and love.


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