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Back on November 1

Oct 30, 2017

It has been a couple weeks since you heard from me. I am recovering well from my revision surgery. The actual pain in my knee was gone immediately after the surgery was done. It seems that there is a plate located under the kneecap that is attached to the bone by three plastic prongs. These were severed and the plate was (as my surgeon told me) like a loose hockey puck drifting around. I know this happened while I was walking up the steps in the parish house. I was just back there last week to pick something up on the second floor and I found it difficult to go up those stairs. So it was a good decision to move into a handicap accessible place.

I want to thank you for all the get-well cards and prayers and good wishes. I will begin work again on the first of November (All Saints Day).

As I understand it; the facilities committee is applying to Lino Lakes for a building permit to build the new rectory and that may take until December before it is granted. We have had several groups go through the parish house, but have not received a good offer yet. I am confident the right people will come along to purchase the house.



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