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Appreciating Wisdom

May 28, 2019

Tuesday is the 36 year anniversary of my ordination to priesthood. When I was a younger priest I never really appreciated the collected wisdom that comes with the years of experience. Now I find myself enjoying the fruits of these many years of living as a priest. I used to think that I had so many good answers to the questions that the faithful had, but I discovered that I really had a lot of answers to questions that no one ever asks. I knew the rules of life in the Church but learning how to apply them with kind pastoral care had to grow over time. I always appreciated the quiet reverence of a prayerful church, but living in a dying church I came to love the sounds of life and activity (especially the young) within the church building. It as if God was forming me for my role as pastor here at St. Joe’s over a long course of time helping me to embrace and enjoy the many different facets of life in our parish.

I know that my wisdom is not appreciated by the younger clergy (they are I lot like I was) but my hope is that they too will gain insight over the years so that the beauty of the Church will constantly be lived out from one generation of priests to the next. 


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