Together in Spirit



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St. Joe’s is committed to creating a partnership with families to insure that faith within families continues to grow. We believe that a child’s relationship with Jesus begins at home. Our goal is to work with families to help reinforce a strong foundation of faith and encounter Christ through Catholic teachings. Children enrolled in the Trail Blazers program experience Christ in each other through large and small group experiences which gives them the opportunity to learn firsthand what it means to be a part of the Catholic Church community.

Our Trail Blazers program is designed to engage students through experiential learning, combining hands-on guided learning through “play” and reflective learning. We believe it is important for students to be active learners; giving them an opportunity to use all senses to experience the Catholic faith and God’s love for us. All students will be assigned a small group based on grade level and led by volunteer leaders who meet either on Monday or Wednesday evenings at St. Joe’s.

 New This Year!

  • Monday Sessions meet from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm
  • Wednesday Sessions meet from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm

All students should check-in with their assigned Small Group Leader in the Worship Space at the beginning of the session. This session begins with large “Group Prayer” through music, singing, Bible teachings and messages, and will often times include an experiment that will help us explore and discover the amazing world God created for us.

After Group Prayer, students will move with their assigned leaders to their designated area for small group discussions, Bible stories, Catholic teachings, and experiential learning activities.

 We use the curriculum from Our Sunday Visitor Religion Publisher’s Call to Faith Series. Core content is presented in an age-appropriate way for each grade level and includes the following themes: Revelation, Trinity, Jesus Christ, the Church, Morality, Sacraments, and the Kingdom of God. Each student will receive a Call to Faith book based on grade level. Students are not required to bring their book to each session. Families are encouraged to take an active role by talking with their student about the lessons in the book at home and come prepared to participate in group discussions.

TrailBlazers Elementary Program Calendar for 2018-2019

Mondays @ 6:00pm
(unless otherwise noted)

Wednesdays @ 5:30pm
(unless otherwise noted)

Wednesday, Sept 26 Kickoff @ 6:30pm Parents/Children

Wednesday, Sept 26 Kickoff @ 6:30pm Parents/Children

October 1

October 3

October 8 

October 10

October 15 No Session

October 17 No Session

October 22

October 24

October 29 No Session

October 31 No Session

November 5

November 7

November 12

November 14

November 19 No Session

November 21 No Session

November 26

November 28

December 3

December 5

December 10

December 12

December 17 No Session

December 19 No Session

December 24 No Session

December 26 No Session

December 31 No Session

January 2 No Session

Jan 6 Epiphany Pageant at 10:00am

January 6 Epiphany Pageant at 10:00am

January 7 No Session

January 9 No Session

January 14 

January 16 

January 21 No Session

January 23 No Session

January 28

January 30

February 4

February 6

February 11 

February 13 

February 18 No Session                            

February 20 No Session 

February 25 

February 27

March 4 No Session

March 6 No Session

March 11 No Session

March 13

March 15 

March 20

March 25 

March 27 

April 1 

April 3 

April 7 Egg Hunt

April 7 Egg Hunt

April 8 Last Session

April 10 Last Session

May 4 & 5 - Medal Mass

May 4 & 5 - Medal Mass